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Meet The Founder

Hello! Todd here, founder of Blue Elm Investments.

Having grown up in California and earning a degree in finance, I naturally jumped into the corporate tech world. From the Bay Area to Europe to Sacramento, I experienced mergers, failed startups, and promising IPOs that left me feeling like I had no control over my financial future.

I turned to real estate investing through syndications in 2011. Since then, I’ve been investing passively and now aim to help others do the same. I’ve been passionate about sharing opportunities as much as possible, so you too can protect your hard-earned savings and build wealth for your family.

Join me on this journey to financial independence through secure real estate investments.

Strategic Advisors

Annie and Julie

Founders Goodegg Investments

Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam are the co-founders and managing partners at Goodegg Investments, a company that helps people learn about and invest passively in group real estate investments called syndications. They also co-authored Investing for Good: The Surprising Strategy for Building Wealth While Also Making an Impact> to further educate families on the benefits of investing in real estate.

Goodegg Investments has syndicated 8,000+ multifamily units, worth over $1B. As a real estate investment company, they focus on preserving and growing investor capital by identifying conservative investment opportunities that are acquired and managed by experienced partners who have a proven track record of success.

What People Are Saying

"Through my self-directed IRA, I trust Blue Elm to be a smart way to passively invest in real estate. I have personally invested in a number of real estate syndications through different sponsors and I’ve found Blue Elm to be the most transparent, trustworthy and aligned with maximizing investor value. I also believe Blue Elm is “battle” tested…a key value metric for my risk tolerance."
Doug Hus
Blue Elm Investor
"Todd’s real estate experience and strong financial background, combined with his strong sense of integrity, makes him a great person to know and work with. If you want to learn about passive real estate investing and work with trustworthy, talented people, Blue Elm Investments is the place to go."
Tom Burns
Author, Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich
"I’ve known Todd for several years due to our mutual interest in real estate investing. When I invest in his real estate projects, I can trust his high level of transparency and integrity. I have a lot of trust in his judgment and use him often as a sounding board on my own deals."
Chunchi Ma
Blue Elm Investor

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