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"As a busy engineer, I trust Todd and his partners to bring me high quality investment opportunities to diversify my portfolio. Blue Elm Investments has given me access to passive real estate investments I never would have discovered without their help."
Martin Schlapfer
Blue Elm Investor

What People Are Saying

"I invested with Todd and Blue Elm Investments in a multifamily syndication and it was a smooth process and communication was very thorough. He's very knowledgeable when it comes to real estate investing and always puts his investors first."
Greg Junge
Blue Elm Investor
"I have great respect for Todd and have enjoyed watching the growth of his real estate investment business over the last several years. Todd brings his previous financial and accounting experience to evaluating and then running Blue Elm fund investments. If you're looking for an experienced, honest real estate syndicator to work with, be sure to reach out to Todd"
Michael Flight
Concordia Realty
"Todd is a trustworthy expert in real estate investing and asset management who brings high quality investments to his passive investors. He consistently adds value to our real estate investing community through his podcast appearances and educational content."
Sam Wilson
Bricken Investment Group